Huawei to send African Youths to Germany for Tech Training | UN Partnership

A team of management of Huawei, presented the ‘TECHNOLOGY FOR CHANGE’ initiative/concept, under the Huawei Empowerment Training Scheme for 150,000 African Youths at the cost of USD$950,000.00, to the Union at the New York, Head Office.

The Vice President of Huawei Technologies West Africa, Mr. Caoaijun, Director of Business Enterprise, Li Teng and Senior Product Manager, Li Yafeng, during the presentation of the ‘TECHNOLOGY FOR CHANGE’ scheme at the Head office, New York, USA.


  • Must be a citizen and residence in the listed African Countries
  • Must be aged between 18-45 years
  • Must be residing in Africa
  • Must be free to travel to Germany (No criminal case)
NOTE: Application is free of charge and all traveling expenses will be Sponsored by HUAWAI Group of Company.


  • All application must be online on this platform.
  • Start Application online using the below application Link provided.
  • Avoid multiple application


  1. First Of All I Would Like To Tell you My great Heart Felt to the every body who concerned. Because of the golden idea of giving a chance to the interested individual to learn in the country of his/her choice. I am also one of those individual and i have an interest to learn Msc in one of the country listed above if you give me a chance. And I Wait For You Notification on my email adress. thank you!

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